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The EHOC website is now closed, this page will redirect to helioffshore.org in 30 seconds.

EHOC DISSOLUTION :  Today 31 October 2014 is the final day of EHOCs life as agreed by the Voting Members with a 95% Majority Vote. The EHOC Website will be closed this evening and the Council hopes that our former EHOC Members will join HeliOffshore as soon as possible. To date 16 of our 27 Members are or have applied for HeliOffshore Membership.
It has been my great pleasure to be your Secretary since 2003 and Treasurer since 2007 and I look forward to continuing in this role with HeliOffshore.
Posted : 31-Oct-2014 13:18:16

The Royal Aeronautical Society’s Summer Conference 3-4 July 2014
The Royal Aeronautical Society’s Summer Conference 3-4 July 2014 :  Please find attached for your information the Conference Report by Jim Lyons of the Royal Aeronautical Society’s Summer Conference 3-4 July 2014 “TECHNOLOGY: FRIEND OR FOE – The Introduction of Automation to Offshore Operations” at which several presenters from EHOC Members and other important speakers gave intriguing and interesting presentations.
Download : RAeS_Conference_ReportJL.pdf
Posted : 16-Jul-2014 16:01:06

EHSAT/EHSIT/EHEST Minutes 21st March 2014
EHSAT/EHSIT/EHEST Minutes 21st March 2014 :  EHSAT/EHSIT/EHEST Minutes 21st March 2014, EASA, Cologne.
Download : EHEST_Minutes_EHSAT_EHSIT_and_EHEST_1-14.pdf
Posted : 16-Jul-2014 11:57:24

Helitech International 2014 to showcase extensive Education Programme
Helitech International 2014 to showcase extensive Education Programme :  Helitech International 2014 will present an extensive Education Programme across three days of Europes largest helicopter show which will take place in Amsterdam from 14 - 16 October 2014. Fully supported by the European Helicopter Association (EHA), Helitech International will stage a comprehensive programme covering the key topics affecting the rotorcraft industry. The inaugural day will feature the Business and Strategy Conference, which will be followed by the EHA Rotorcraft Seminars and the Safety Workshop on the second and third days respectively.

"The Education Programme taking place at Helitech International offers the only real forum for the entire rotorcraft community to engage in discussing the key issues impacting our industry," said Vittorio Morassi, Chairman of the European Helicopter Association. "It will be my pleasure to welcome delegates at the opening of the EHA Rotorcraft Seminars on the Wednesday and I believe industry will be impressed with the overall range of topics to be discussed during the three days at this years event."

The Business and Strategy Conference will open with a round table discussion of the key business and strategy issues facing the rotorcraft industry over the next five to ten years, with market insights and opinions from business leaders who currently include Jonathan Baliff, Chief Financial Officer at Bristow Group, Keven Baines, Director at aviation safety management consultancy Baines Simmons and Chris Seymour, Head of Market Analysis at Ascend.

Examples of some of the issues to be discussed will include the outlook for global rotorcraft sales and identifying the key regional trends and market opportunities. In terms of the rotorcraft supply chain, the forum will debate both the challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead as well as looking at how Original Equipment Manufacturers and their industry partners might support future rotorcraft business growth.

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) will feature in the afternoons agenda as the question will be asked if they pose a threat to the rotorcraft sector or in fact represent an additional business opportunity. There will then be a presentation on the AIRICA project by Jos Stevens, Senior Scientist at the National Aerospace Laboratory and Ed Veen, Director at the Netherlands Coast Guard.

The Air Traffic Management (ATM) Innovative RPAS Integration for Coastguard Applications project (AIRICA) aims to show the feasibility of using RPAS for coastguard activities in non-segregated airspace. AIRICA is one of nine RPAS projects that have been selected for co-funding by SESAR (Single European Sky ATM Research) with the goal of demonstrating the possibility of integrating RPAS into normal air traffic by 2016. Jos Stevens and Ed Veen will present an overview of the AIRICA project and its associated technical issues as well as operational applications for law enforcement and service delivery by the Netherlands Coastguard.

Other planned topics in the afternoon session currently include the growth in aerial fire-fighting services across Europe and the evolution of policing and emergency medical services (EMS) rotorcraft operations across Eastern Europe.

The keynote address for the EHA Rotorcraft Seminars on 15 October - "European Aviation Safety Agency - The Way Ahead" - will be delivered by Dr Norbert Lohl, Certification Director at EASA, who will detail how EASA will further enhance its ability of providing even more product-oriented solutions, based on experience and lessons learnt. In addition, in the context of SESAR, EASA pays special attention to the safety and operational advantages stemming from performance-based navigation in environments such as HEMS and offshore activities.

This will be followed by a roundtable forum on the subject of SESAR and a clear overview of what and how this complex programme will affect the rotorcraft sector and how the challenges ahead can really improve the safety and efficiency of rotorcraft operations. In the afternoon, there will be a series of rulemaking briefings on issues including the Age 60 Rule, Flight Time Limitations and Annex 14.

The Safety Workshop will be presented by the European Helicopter Safety Team (EHEST) and the International Helicopter Safety Team (IHST). Included in the days comprehensive agenda will be a presentation from the European Helicopter Safety Implementation Teams (EHSIT) Specialist Team on the benefits of technologies and/or technological solutions alleviating safety concerns, as a range of technologies can provide a variety of solutions to prevent different types of accidents or to increase survivability.

"The Education Programme will highlight and debate a wide range of the current topics presented by an impressive line-up of speakers," said John Hyde, Event Director for Helitech International. "By bringing together the influential stakeholders and subject-matter experts within the industry, there is no doubt that delegates will be able to hear the latest thinking and issues across a wide range of disciplines central to the future health of the rotorcraft industry. The number and range of attending delegates will contribute significantly to the educational platform in Amsterdam."

For further event information visit www.helitechevents.com or contact Carol Bowler at CMS Strategic +44 (0)20 8748 9797 or email carol.bowler@cmsstrategcic.com
Posted : 23-Jun-2014 10:59:10

Helitech 2014
Helitech 2014 :  14-16 October, Amsterdam.
Download : HeliTech2014.pdf
Posted : 2-Apr-2014 12:11:43

Avincis Group links with Babcock International PLC
Avincis Group links with Babcock International PLC :  Babcock International PLC (Babcock), the UK’s leading engineering support services company, proposes to acquire the entire Avincis Group.
Download : AvincisBabcock.pdf
Posted : 31-Mar-2014 16:14:05

EHOC 2014 ANNUAL CONFERENCE & AGM 9-12 MAY 2014 :  Our EHOC 2014 Annual Conference and AGM will be held in the Hilton Molino Stucky Hotel, Venice, Friday 9th to Monday 12th May 2014. The Theme is "NEW FRONTIERS - 500nm Radius of Operation in 2020". The Presentations on Saturday 10th May 2014 will be given primarily by our EHOC Members and guests, followed on Sunday 11th May 2014 with presentations by our generous sponsor OEMs.
Posted : 18-Mar-2014 11:20:35

EHSAT/EHSIT/EHEST Minutes 13th November 2013
EHSAT/EHSIT/EHEST Minutes 13th November 2013 :  EHSAT/EHSIT/EHEST Minutes 13th November 2013, EASA, Cologne.
Download : EHEST_3-13_MINUTES_.pdf
Posted : 2-Jan-2014 16:42:35

Norsk Helikopterservice AS (NHS)
Norsk Helikopterservice AS (NHS) :  The EHOC Membership welcomes Norsk Helicopterservice AS (NHS) as a Class 2 Member with effect from 01 January 2014. We look forward to seeing their representatives at EHOC 2014 in the Hillton Molino Stucky Hotel, Venice.
Posted : 2-Jan-2014 14:37:50

BLUEWAY AS :  The EHOC Council is pleased to confirm that Blueway AS has been approved by the Voting Members to be a Class 3C Member. Welcome Blueway AS.
Posted : 7-Nov-2013 15:14:02

HELITECH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE PRESENTATIONS :  The recent Helitech Internationals Conference Presentations can be found at http://www.helitechevents.com/conference
Posted : 7-Nov-2013 15:10:48

EHSAT/EHSIT/EHEST Minutes 29 May 2013
EHSAT/EHSIT/EHEST Minutes 29 May 2013 :  EHSAT/EHSIT/EHEST Minutes 29 May 2013, EASA, Cologne.
Download : 1._Minutes_EHSAT_EHSIT_and_EHEST_2-13_-_Draft_1.pdf
Posted : 4-Oct-2013 16:07:06

ARTICLES OF ASSOCIATION :  Amendment 20 to the AOA, having been approved by the Council and Members at the 2013 AGM, has now been published in the EHOC website.
Posted : 3-Jul-2013 15:52:13

EHOC 2012 AGM MINUTES AMENDMENT :  At the EHOC 2013 AGM on 20 May 2013 in Barcelona, an amendment was raised concerning the text for Session 7, The Forum for "Ageing Aircraft", on Saturday 12 May 2012. The amendment was tabled by CHC and Shell Aircraft, agreed by the Members present in Barcelona and has now been included in the Minutes of our EHOC 2012 AGM which can be read in the Members Area of our website.
Posted : 25-Jun-2013 11:03:31

EHOC NEW CLASS 2 MEMBERS :  We are pleased to welcome our two new Class 2 Members to EHOC:
Everett Aviation, Simon Everett, MD, based in Wilson Airport, Nairobi, Kenya and
HNZ New Zealand Ltd, Keith Mullett, Executive VP (International) based in Nelson Airport, Nelson, New Zealand.
Posted : 20-Jun-2013 16:05:51

EHOC 2014 ANNUAL CONFERENCE VENICE :  At the recent EHOC AGM in Barcelona, the Members present voted unanimously for our EHOC 2014 Annual Conference & AGM to be held in the Molino Stucky Hilton Hotel Venice, 9-12 May 2014. The Members also voted unanimously for Angela Kipling and her expert team from Kipling Events to continue as our Conference Organiser.
Posted : 20-Jun-2013 15:59:15

EHOC 2013 PRESENTATIONS :  EHOC Members will be able to access the EHOC Saturday 18 May and Sunday 19 May 2013Presentations in the Members Area using their allocated username and passwords. Should any non EHOC delegate wish to obtain a copy of any specific presentation, please email the Secretary John.Black@bristowgroup.com.
Posted : 20-Jun-2013 14:56:46

EHOC COUNCIL OFFICERS 2013-2014 :  The Secretary is very pleased to announce the names of your new EHOC Council officers who were unanimously elected at the AGM on 20 May 2013:
Chairman - Tony Jones (BIHSL)
Vice Chairman - Arne Roland (CHC)
Operations Chairman - De Jansen (CHC)
Technical Chairman - Russell Gould (Bristow).
Their details have been included our Articles of Association Amendment 20.
Posted : 20-Jun-2013 11:23:48

EHOC NEW MEMBERS :  We welcome three new members to EHOC:

Avincis Group as a Class 3C Member incorporating Bond Aviation Group with HQ in London;
Elilombarda Srl as a Class 1 Member with HQ in Varese, Italy;
Heli Holland Offshore as a Class 1 Member with HQ in Den Helder, The Netherlands.
Posted : 16-Apr-2013 16:54:57

EHSAT/EHSIT/EHEST Minutes 26 March 2013
EHSAT/EHSIT/EHEST Minutes 26 March 2013 :  EHSAT/EHSIT/EHEST Minutes 26 March 2013, EASA, Cologne.
Download : Minutes_EHSAT_EHSIT_and_EHEST_1-13_-_Draft_2.pdf
Posted : 16-Apr-2013 10:29:00

EASA Rotorcraft Symposium 2012 presentations
EASA Rotorcraft Symposium 2012 presentations :  The EASA Rotorcraft Symposium 2012 presentations are available at:
Posted : 8-Jan-2013 09:47:40

EHOC ANNUAL CONFERENCE DELEGATES FAMILY POLICY :  Whilst family members of delegates attending our EHOC Annual Conference are most welcome, we cannot extend invitations to any children for any of the daytime or evening social events. We respectfully request that any delegate who wishes to be accompanied by his/her child firstly, advises our Events Organiser so that the hotel can arrange for an additional bed/cot in the room, and secondly, makes his/her own arrangements for the care and entertainment of the child during the whole duration of the Conference.
Posted : 15-Jun-2011 10:16:18

EHOC Standard Commercial Contract
EHOC Standard Commercial Contract :  The EHOC Standard Commercial Contract has been approved by the vast majority of our Members. It can now be downloaded from the Members Only Bulletin Board in the Members Area of our website.
Posted : 13-Jul-2009 14:56:25

EHOC Code of Ethics
EHOC Code of Ethics :  EHOC has operated successfully for over 40 years through its annual activities and conference and is proud of its accomplishments. To ensure our continued success and to provide more clarity for our members, both new and old, this Code of Ethics sets out the standards of behaviours expected of all members. It applies to each members participation in all EHOC activities inclusive of Council meetings and the Annual Conference.
Download : EHOC_Code_of_Ethics_1208.pdf
Posted : 18-Feb-2009 14:16:28

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