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Safety is a core principle within EHOC and our members play an active part in upholding the industrys fine safety record; they also play a significant role (in conjunction with organisations such as the new EHA, and the OGP Air Safety Committee, etc) in developing new procedures and technologies which will further enhance the safety of all of our operations. As part of this ongoing commitment and as co-chair of the European Helicopter Safety Team (EHEST), EHOC contributes to the work of the International Helicopter Safety Team (IHST) and fully endorses its target of reducing the accident rate by 80% by 2016 - click on the IHST banner below for further details of the analysis and initiatives completed so far:

IHST Website

EHEST Website


A Member of the new European Helicopter Association

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European helicopter safety team unlocks secrets of rotart wing's Achilles heel", by David Learmount

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